Saturday, 8 January 2011

3 Moments of Suspense - The Stepfather: RESEARCH

My first moment of suspense was when Michael meets David in the dark basement. It is suspenseful because a basement is a daunting place as it is dark and in many thriller films the basement is where fear-provoking activity takes place. We know about David's history from the title sequence so we automatically assume that David might do something to Michael, which keeps us in anticipation. Also the music is slow and eerie. During their conversation there are over the shoulder shots and two shots which suggests that there is no superiority or inferiority, they are both equal. There is also a sense of challenge, which gives us an idea that they will face each other later on in the film.

My second moment of suspense was when David murders Mrs Cutter.  The part where the cat jumps out makes us jump, it is a false plateau. There is a Point Of View shot which suggests that Mrs Cutter is being watched, we assume that person is David which creates suspense and keeps us on the edge of our seat, waiting for him to jump out, and he does. When Mrs Cutter shuts the cupboard door and sees David standing behind her in the mirror on the cupboard door, then he grabs her. There is a low angle shot when Mrs Cutter is on the floor and David is holding her nose to prevent her from breathing, this shows that he has the power. Also in this scene they are in the basement which is dark, this makes the scene scarier. In addition the sounds make us jump, since they are sudden.

My third moment of suspense was when Jay visits and tells David that he knows that he lied about his college. He walks around the house while he is talking, pressumably looking for David who is nowhere to be seen. This scene is suspenseful as we do not know where David is and we are once again expecting him to jump out. Then Jay says "hey, you hearin' me?" and everything goes silent as David whispers "yep", then breaks a glass vase on Jays head. When he breaks the glass vase on his head we hear loud music as well as the sound of the vase breaking, the sudden sounds are alarming and cause us to jump. Also when David whispers "yep", he is shown in a close up which makes it scarier because all we see is his face suddenly.

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