Thursday, 6 January 2011

Analysis of Thriller Clip - Marathon Man: RESEARCH


The first thing that we are shown is the ident of Paramount Pictures and then it is shown again by text only (this time it is more linked to the film). The purpose of it being shown twice during the title sequence is for the audience to recognize the production and distribution company of this film and for brand identity as they are the attributions of funding. It then shows the directors name which is John Schlesinger.

After that we are shown a 21 second sepia themed archive footage of a man running in the marathon, as he crosses the finish line presumably in first place it pauses and the camera zooms into the still image of the victorious man. The still image then fades into a scene of another man running, this is where the names of the five main stars appear one by one, following this we are introduced to the title of the film, Marathon Man, which scrolls across the screen, resembling a runner which is appropriate for the film.

After this there is a 10 second break which is followed by the names of the three co-stars altogether rather than one by one as the names of the main stars were shown, the music composer/conducter, editor, production designer, associate producer and director of photography. Then there is yet another break that is 15 seconds long, during this break we are shown a man who is acting suspicious and hence easing us into the film and making us want to continue watching.

Then the scene of the man running is shown again, during which it continues to display the opening credits which are the screenplay writer, the producer and once again, the director John Schlesinger.

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