Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Analysis of Marathon Man

In the beginning sequence of Marathon Man, there is quite a lot of information given to the audience in just five minutes. For example, we are given the logo and ident within the first few seconds on our screen, then it goes on to tell us who's production it is. We are shown the ident yet again and then the film starts. Moreover, we are eased into the movie by the stating of who's movie it is, John Schlesinger. Then there is a break in the titles where we see a 10 second black and white clip of a man running the marathon and crossing the finishing line. After this, the names of the five main stars appear slowly one by one with the background view of the camera following a runner. The tittle of the movie then scrolls across our screen and there is a 10 second break from the tittles once again to establish whats happening in the opening sequence. Following the break, the names of the three co-stars appear and then we see the names of the people behind the scenes of the movie. For example, the music composer/director, editing producer, production designer, associate producer and director of photography. Yet again, there is a 15 second break from the titles back to the movie which leaves us in suspense as we want to know what this guy is up to. We then cut back to the clip of the man running, with the information of the screenplay, the names of the producers and the director merging onto our screens. Constantly throughout the clip, there is a build up of suspense through the tempo of the music and the constant cuts from the runner to the man looking in his box.

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