Sunday, 30 January 2011

Black Swan

I went to go and see the Black Swan on the 28/1/11 because I wanted to see if it could give us some inspiration on how to construct our own opening. Therefore,  I wanted to explore all the possible aspects of the Thriller genre. 

The Black Swan was about a ballet dancer desparate for the main role in Swan Lake. Little did she know that the irony of playing both the delicate White,pure Swan and the Black, evil swan would cause her too lose control over her life and sanity.

This film was Psyhcologically based and had the use of many false platau's to keep the audience intrigued throughout the movie. I loved the pshycological genre as it got me questioning the context of the movie continually.  I loved the use of camera shots throughout, as it built tension in the most significant moments of the movie.

The poster drew me in as it looks dark against her pale skin which instantly attracts an audience to wonder what it could be about. The font is also in black to emphasise the name of the movie boldly. Furthermore, the image of Natalie Portman with a crack down her face suggests the movie is not as straight forward as we might think.

I actually really liked the movie overall, as it made me jump at certain points and kept me intrested throughout. Initially, I didnt think I would enjoy the movie because of the dancing aspects but I've been proven wrong and I think it was an exemplary performance by Natalie Portman, possibly the movie of her career. 

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