Saturday, 15 January 2011

Evaluation - A Thrilling Read: RESEARCH&PLANNING

On 14/1/11 my group and I filmed and edited our short sequences involving a newspaper. As a group we decided on what our story would be and how we could make something as simple as reading a newspaper thrilling.

We decided that Stav would play the role of the stalker, that Farhen would play the role of the victim and that I would be the director. We then got our camcorder, tripod, battery and memory cards and begun our filming.

Once we had finished filming, we all gathered around a Mac and used 'Final Cut Pro' to edit and put together our footage. By doing this exercise I have gained a better understanding of how to use the camcorder and 'Final Cut Pro' which will be very helpful for our final thriller film.

We worked well as a team as everyone contributed. The clips flowed well throughout the sequence and there was a good variety of shots towards the end of the sequence. However we used too many medium-long shots from the beginning of the sequence to the middle, so next time we will take the use of a variety of shots throughout the whole sequence into consideration.

In one clip the tripod is the frame, so we need to make sure unwanted objects are out of the way before filming. We also need to make sure the focus is correct. Moreover, we forgot to add an over the shoulder shot which was one of the requirements, so next time we will need to plan better and make sure that we use all the shot types that are required.

Apart from the minor lack of variety in the shot types during the beginning of the sequence, we used a fair variety of shots overall, such as; close ups, a wide shot, an extreme close up, long shots, a mid shot, a high angle shot, a birds eye view shot, a low angle shot and a point of view shot where the camerawork was handheld. So in my opinion, our short thrilling sequence went well, considering it was our first one.

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