Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Evalutation - A Thrilling Read

There were many aspects of our opening that displayed various mistakes yet, in saying this, we worked efficiently as a group. The fist thing that drew my attention after viewing our sequence again was that we lacked a variety of shots. Mostly, we used long shots rather than adding in different types of shots. On the other hand, I think we had a more diverse range of shots towards the end of our sequence than in the initial beginning. However, our clips flowed quite well and made sense to the audience. Furthermore, we did have an unwanted object in one of the frames, the bottom leg of the tripod stand, which made us realise that we should pay more attention to whats in our frame at the time of filming. We also, left out an over the shoulder shot that was necessary during filming. Overall, I think it was lack of planning thoroughly that led us to make these mistakes but now that we have had practise we will look out for these things in our actual opening.  

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