Friday, 21 January 2011

Font Analysis


There are two categories of font:
  • Serif fonts A serif is the extra bit of detail at the end of each stroke of every letter. This type of  font tends to be more formal than sans serif fonts. They are usually more traditional.
        For example: Times and Courier
  • Sans Serif fonts This type of font tends to be more informal, more contemporary and more 'friendly'.
        For example: Ariel and Verdana

Font Analysis

The 'Palatino' font used in the promotion of Pearl Harbor reminds me of a typewriter which suggests the date that the film is set in. This poster uses the mise en scene to its advantage, hinting the story of this film. The uniform and the plane suggest the genre of the film, as these props connote action, violence and war. The font is a serif font which adds a more sensitive touch to the poster, it suggests that alongside the violence there may be love involved, so the font contradicts the genre of the film.

The 'Franklin Gothic Heavy' font used in the promotion of Rocky suggests the boldness and the strength of the main character as the font itself is bold and strong. The fact that it is a sans serif font, which is supposedly a 'friendly' font, is a contradictory factor as the film is about boxing, which is a violent sport. The black font stands out amongst the white background. This poster also uses the mise en scene to its advantage, it shows that Rocky is a boxer, he is tough and violent, but the fact that he is holding Adrianne's hand suggests his sensitive side, which suggests love as well as violence, just like the Pearl Harbor poster.

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