Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Font Analysis

There are many types of fonts used for different types of films during post production and marketing. The type of font that you use to draw the audience in is quite significant as it helps to make the film appear more appealing to the audience.
There are two basic types of fonts:

  • Serif fonts- such as Times and Courier
  • Sans serif fonts-such as Ariel and Comic Sans
The fonts used in the production for the 'Pearl Harbour' film  are in Platino which can suggest many hints on the genre of the film. Such as, the font looks as if it could have been typed up on a typewriter which could connote the time period of when the film was set. As could the costume and plane from the mise en scene of the front cover. Also, the fact that there is a woman in between two men could connote a sub-genre of love within the movie. 

The fonts used in the production for 'Rocky' are in Franklin Gothic Heavy. This particular font is bulging out of the frame which immediately catches our eye as it is so bold. The black against a white background also helps to make it stand out and appeal to the audience. The mise en scene of this film suggests a violent and romantic genre for the audience; the man is clearly a boxer who is holding a womans hand which displays his softer side as well as establishing his tough exterior.

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