Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fonts That Inspire Me

The production poster for the film 'The Number 23' appeals to me broadly as it grabs my attention immediately. I find the font quite eerie and creepy as it's in white against a dark background and the number 23 is shining brightly out of the poster. Clearly, the film is centred around this number as the writing scribbled across Jim Carrey's face gives us a clue of the type of genre it could be as well as the numbers significance within the film. The psychological thriller is displayed perfectly through the mise en scene and font on the poster. I loved the use of shadows behind the white font as it drew my attention to the poster and appealed to me instantly as I it got me wondering about the film and its content. This poster inspired me as it provoked thought about how fonts can really make the difference to how your film comes across to the audience.

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