Saturday, 8 January 2011


Intertextuality is a term that is used to describe the borrowing of scenes from other films. Many thriller films today refer to other movies in order to create their own thriller . For example, the famous shower scene from "Psycho" has many elements that could be referred to in other movies today. The use of shadows creates the suspense and the close ups of parts of the woman's body, such as her hand reaching out for the shower curtain when she's dying, demonstrates her painful death to the audience. Furthermore, in "The Stepfather" there is a similar scene where the killer comes at his girlfriend with a huge knife but she stabs him in the neck with a piece of glass first. He then falls back into the bath and rips the shower curtain down with him to signify the sudden pain.  There is also a close up on the curtain rings breaking when he falls, as there is in "Psycho". Another example, is in "Fatal Attraction" where the woman charges at the man with a huge knife and the music gets louder when she tries to stab at him; similarly in "Psycho" the music also gets louder but we don't actually see the person who stabs the woman. Also, in "What Lies Beneath" there is a particular scene shot in a bath in which a woman is paralysed. This relates to "Psycho" as the scene is set in a bathroom and recognising the mise en scene, we anticipate that something is going to happen.

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