Thursday, 13 January 2011


intertextuality is basically when they borrow scenes from other films and such. For instance many thriller films which are created now are based on other movies in order to create their own thriller movie. For instance a very good example would happen to be phsychos famous shower scene this happens to be a good example of intertectuality considering that many films now happen to intertextualize with it. This is because the famous shower scene from "psycho" has many good elements which can be yet used today still. As we can see that the use of shadow in the shower scene creates good suspense not only that but the fact that the close ups of the woman's body parts, for instance when her hands are trying to reach out to the shower curtains; this indicates the painful death that is taking place for her. As we can techniqally see that the step father does happen to reflect to psycho based on the shower curtain being pulled down by a injured person as they happen to fall down too. Overall the fact that it was shot in the bathroom indicates the intertextuality, not only that but the fact that a kitchin knife happens to be used in them both as well. There also happens to be a close up on the curtain rings breaking when he falls, this is also just like psycho too. Another film which intertextualises with psycho is scrubbus. Scrubbas refers to psycho considering of the idea where the victim is getting murder while in shower. Not only that but where there is no form of music at that time too however the only sound we get is the sound of the water while the victim is showering. Another film which intertextualises with psycho is for instance fatal attraction. Fatal reaction is based on the famous shower scene from psycho from the use of shadows which tends to add more suspense for the audience, there also happens to be a scene in fatal attraction which is a reference to psycho as well. Not only that but the fact that a knife is happen to be used in both films. 


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