Monday, 24 January 2011

Introduction To Cameras

Before we began filming our "Thrilling Read" we had to have an induction on how to use the cameras. We were taught the main specifics of how to use the cameras with care and efficiency:

  • Always ensure the memory card and battery are securely in place.
  • Never touch the lens as it can leave finger prints and ruin any shots we have filmed by making them appear blurry.
  • Ensure the focus is set correctly
  • Try to keep the camera out of the rain through using an umbrella
  •  Store the camera in a safe place to keep it from getting stolen or damaged.
  • Only touch the necessary buttons required eg: Zoom in/out, on/off button, focus button and play/stop.

We were also introduced about the use of Tripods and how to use them correctly:
  • Make sure all the legs are facing outwards and stable.
  • To keep the tripod balanced use the Tripod compass for guidance
  • Always check that the camera is on securely on the Tripod as it could fall off if not applied correctly
  • In order to take the camera off, press the red button in, make sure the lever is pulled the away from the camera, and then slide it out slowly with a tight grip on top of the camera.

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