Monday, 31 January 2011

Jelly Babies- Animatic

We had to plan how we would form our Pre-lim film through using Jelly Babies in an Animatic as a practise for the real film. Our story was about one of the Jelly Babies planning to kill themselves because they couldn't take life any longer. We had two other Jelly Babies trying to stop him in the background which we heard during the soundtrack. In doing this animatic, it helped me to visualise how we would construct our real pre-lim film. We used Soundtrack Pro to enhance our voices which we then put over our video on Final Cut. I enjoyed doing this exercise as it gave us guidence as to how we would film the real thing. However, in our animatic we forgot to clear the background of everything, therefore, in some of the shots we have pieces of paper or someones elbow in the background which ruined the shots. This taught us that next time we have to make sure that the background is clear in order to make the animatic look more professional and plan much more efficiently. Unfortunatley, we didnt get to demonstrate our pre-lim idea as we had to team up with Group 42 on the day.

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