Friday, 28 January 2011

Marathon Man - Analysis

In the beginning of the clip we are shown the ident, paramount. By using this logo it shows the audience who the production and distribution company are without overpowering them with text. It is also a professional and common way of starting a movie, which effectively lets the audience know the film is about to start. We are then shown the producers names by using white text on a black background for emphasis (letters are all lower case). The text slide effect is like a fast fade away, which starts the opening off at a fast pace, linking to the film title "Marathon Man".

There is then a 20 second break from the opening titles, showing a short black and white clip, of a man running a marathon. This clip introduces sound to the movie. A crowd is cheering as the man sprints to the finish line. As he does, he lifts his arms above his head. The sound begins to die out and the image is paused. This pause makes the image seem very symbolic to the storyline, and gives an insight into what the film could be about.

This image then gradually fades into another clip, showing a man running. However, this time there is mysterious music played along with some deep breathing and fast pace footsteps (like someone running). The mystery is also continued as we are only initially shown the shadow of the man. The titles are then played again, using the same white font to show the five main actors/actresses. All names appear seperately but each name is shown moving slightly to the right of the screen. Even though we are not watching the text move across the screen it still feels as if we are, again linking to the idea of running or movement. The main title, "Marathon Man" makes it's way across the screen at a fair pace and the runners legs are finally seen. As this happenens, the background music sounds quite distorted and sqeeky; which begins to build tension.

The director then intercuts a clip of a man opening a locker, used to draw the two storylines together and create tension. There is a close up of a mans hand opening the locker with a key and taking out a large box. This continues the idea of mystery, and engages the audience as they want to know whats in it. It then cuts back to the man running again, where we finally see his face; which could show that he is the "good" character. This shot also shows the setting, which is a city. Three co-stars are then shown in the bottom left of the screen, again using the same white font. 

The rest of the clip continues in the same sort of style, using louder more disturbing noises along with close up's to create tension, although the main mystery music continues.

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