Thursday, 13 January 2011

Marathon Man

In the beginning of the marathon man, the first thing which us audience are shown in 5 minutes notifies us with many information. For instance it starts of with an ident of paramount pictures and also after written in text as well. The impact they get for showing the logo and such twice during the title sequence is several reasons. Firstly it is for brand identity as they are the attributions of funding. The other reason is so that the audience can happen to recognise the production and the distribution company of the movie. Meanwhile the movie is started of by showing who's movie production it is, which appeared to be a John Schlesinger film. After there happens to be a break in the titles where we tend to see a 20 second sepia affect footage of a man running the marathon and also crossing the finishing line too. After this the name of the main five stars of the film appear one at a time, with the view of the camera following the runner running the marathon with still the sepia affect. After the five stars names are appeared one at a time, it follows on previewing the main title name of the film which is "marathon man", the title of the film scrolls across the screen and there also is a 10 second break again to establish what's happening in the opening sequence. The effect of the title of the film "marathon man" scrolling across the screen puts an impact. This is because it resembles a runner which links to the film as well. Moving on from the break the name of the three co-stars are introduced and then leading to showing the names of the people behind the scenes but which was linked to producing the movie, such as the editing producer, music composer, associate producer, production designer and many more. Then it leads to another break which happens to be for 15 seconds, throughout this break it leads to showing a man who is acting suspicious, this leads to us in a suspense mode, as it keeps us interested in wanting to know what the man in the movie is doing. Then the scene shown before of the man running is shown again, with the information of the screenplay such as the names of the producer and the name of the director which is John Schlesinger. 

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