Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Research: Art of the title

The title sequence that really appeals to me is the opening to the film "The Number 23". To begin with, the names of the stars are typed across the screen behind a creamy tea stained background. After this, there are numerous facts about the number displayed on screen, which hints to the audience the genre of the movie as the most significant words are presented in red. Then gradually, the titles emerge behind a blood stained piece of paper with number 23 typed out continuously. Furthermore, in doing this, the genre is established immediately and sets the audience up for the rest of the movie. The typed out images where the titles are placed over create suspense as we anticipate what is to come right from the very beginning. However, there are not many types of shots used throughout the sequence apart from the use of medium close ups and extreme close ups to emphasise the letters on the piece of paper. In effect, this does make the sequence much more suspenseful as we only see certain words on the piece of paper. The sequence appeals to me because i like the way the titles are not predictably presented on screen. For example, the letters being typed out on screen and the blood seeping through the paper suggests the psychological genre. Its unique and has inspired me to think about how our titles will be displayed within our opening through a discrete tittle sequence.

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