Monday, 31 January 2011

RESEARCH: Who Watches Thrillers?

503 films were released in 2009. Only 31 of these were suspense movies which was 4% of the year's box office.

Action, Animation and Comedy account for 52% of box office in the UK in 2009. This is because they have a wider age range and have the family appeal.

Thrillers in the UK are generally accounted for quite a low proportion of box office takings (eg. 4% in 2009) because there are not many Thrillers being released in the UK. For example, 'The Godfather' was never shown in the cinemas in the UK it went straight to dvd sales.

Looking at the 'genre by gender' diagram above, I have noticed that Thrillers are not on the chart. Although, I think it would be placed between suspense and horror as it seems that it would come under that umbrella. I would presume men would watch more Thrillers than woman because they prefer action and scary anticipations more than females in general.

All Thriller films range from the age certificate of 15 and 18+ which suggests that Thrillers are mainly aimed at these age groups as they wouldn't be suitable for the younger generation. Which is also another reason that the Thriller genre is not as accounted for in the UK, because only a certain age group can watch them.

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