Monday, 31 January 2011

SKILLS: Livetype

Livetype, is a programme which allows you to create a certain style of title for your opening sequence. There are many varied styles of fonts and effects that you can add to enhance your title sequence and help make it look more professional. There are many features of this programme, for example: textures, objects, templates and others.  The main four windows are: The Timeline, The canvas, The Media Browser and The Inspector. Each of these contribute to finalising your fully edited font.

 On the left is an example of the Media Browser which is where you begin to form your fonts and play around with some ideas that could work with your titles.                                                                                                    On the right is an example of The Inspector Window which allows you to change the effect of how your font will appear on screen
As this was my first time using this tool I found it quite easy to use. I enjoyed playing around with the different types of fonts and came across some that I think would be quite suitable for our opening. 

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