Friday, 21 January 2011

The Structure of Thriller Openings

There are four structures that are used for openings of films. The following are examples of each of those four structures:

1. A narrative opening with the titles running throughout
The Shining


2. A discrete title sequence

3. Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening
Donnie Darko

4. Stylized editing
The Taking of Pelham 123


The structure that interests me is the 'titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening' structure. The reason being that it is more suspenseful as you do not know what is going to appear after the blank screen. The music is very important in an opening scene as it sets the tone of the film, it tells you the genre of the film. The font of the title and credits are also very important as they contribute in telling you the genre of the film. For example in the Seven opening sequence the music is eerie and the font is childlike which is chilling, everything about the opening sequence tells us that this film is going to be scary and prepares us for what is going to happen.

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