Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thriller Audiences: RESEARCH

Box Office charts for Suspense/Thriller genre

In 2009 there were 31 suspense films released and in total there were 503 films released. 52% of  Box Office in the UK were accounted to the action, comedy and animation genres, the reason being that they are suitable for a wider range of audience and they have the family appeal. I think that the reason why thriller films account for a low proportion of Box Office is that you have to be over a certain age to watch them and the age range is small compared to most other genres.

Genre by genre diagram

By looking at the 'genre by gender' diagram I can see that the suspense genre is prefered more by women. The genre that men mostly prefer is sci-fi, whereas the genre that women mostly prefer is romance. However we can see that both men and women enjoy comedy equally.

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