Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Art Of The Title Sequence: RESEARCH


From the 'Art Of The Title Sequence' website I saw this title sequence of John Carpenter's 'Halloween'. I really liked it because, as it says on the website, it sends some into a panic and some smiling, so it has a different effect on people which I thought was very effective.

It uses a classic sans serif typeface that is orange which links to the main theme of the film which is Halloween. The sequence displays the names of the participants of the film, including the stars, the director, the producer, director of photography, etc..

This title sequence is the 'titles over a blank screen followed by a narrative' one. It is effective and makes the orange text stand out. On the left hand side of the screen we continuously see a pumpkin which slowly zooms in from a long shot to an ECU.

The title sequence concludes with a flicker and a fade to black, leaving only the directors credit and the creepy music which opens our eyes in fear. Even if I hadn't seen the film I would have guessed from the high pitched tense music with the creepy piano motif and the chilling image of the pumpkin, that this film is a thriller. So overall, this title sequence is successful in setting the mood of the film, which is suspenseful.

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