Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Using 'Final Cut Pro' for Prelim

We used Final Cut Pro to edit our prelim. I am very familiar with this program and its user interface so it was easy to use and did not take much time.

We put the clips onto the Browser and then dragged and dropped the clips that we wanted onto the Timeline. We cut some parts of the clips to get the parts that we required and made sure it flowed. When I mystically appear in the chair across Stephanie, we used an effect called "dissolve", which was introduced to us by a media technician.

When we finished editing, we exported the file to Quicktime Player, in order to be able to put the prelim onto Soundtrack Pro, where we would make our soundtrack for our prelim.

I think that by editing the prelim, I became even more familiar with Final Cut Pro which will be very helpful for the editing of our thriller opening.

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