Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Evaluation - A thrilling reading

While we was producing this piece of thriller production we had to co-operate as a team. There was many positive attitudes we have towards this sequence as well as many negative to considering that it was our first sequence which we produced as a group. As you can see based on the sequence we have used many varieties of shots, so therefore we used many types of shots wisely. The type of shots we included were for instance:

                                                      - Long shot
- Medium shot
- Extreme Close up shot
- Close up shot
- Wide shot
- A point of view shot
- High angle shot
- Low angle shot
- Birds eye view shot

As well as there was positive aspects in this sequence we produced there was negative aspects too for instance in one of the clips which we filmed the tripod is the frame which was basically an object which was not wanted in the clip so therefore in the future while filming we must ensure that no unwanted objects take place in the filming. Another situation was the fact that in this sequence an over the shoulder shot was suppose to be required and technically forgot to include that shot so in future filming we must make sure we include all shots especially the ones that are required. We also in the future need to assure that the focus is on because in this sequence we never put the focus on so the viewing wasn't that of a good quality. Last of all the last situation which we done was the use of long and medium shots, as you can see in the beginning of this sequence we used a significant amount of long and medium shots which made it drag on for long and made the sequence at the start rather boring as well. Even though there was many negative aspects there was still positive aspects too, as it was our first sequence which we produced it was not that bad however it could be improved significantly however in the future our skills will develop even more.

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