Friday, 11 February 2011

Introduction to Cameras

Before we started to do any filming, we had to have a small session on how to use the camera. Our whole class had an induction on how to use cameras before starting our first filming which was the "thrilling read". During that session of how to use a camera  we were taught many things such as how to use the camera without any damages taking place and how to take good care of it and such.

We were taught many things about how to make the camera work properly and make it work with good care. For instance starting of, one aspect is to make sure that we never touch the lens as it leads to the lens to consist of finger prints this then leads to any shots being filmed turning out to be blurry. Another thing was to  always ensure that the battery and also memory card are placed in securely. Always ensure what buttons you press, for instance only press the buttons that are necessarily needed while filming for instance the buttons such as the on and off button, zoom  in and out button, play, stop and pause button and lastly the focus button. The other thing we got taught was to always ensure that the focus is set correctly. Lastly was to always make sure that we store the camera in a secure place to prevent it from getting damaged or either stolen.

In the session we was also introduced to tripods and how they should be used as well. For instance the sort of things we were told was things such as how to keep the tripod balance which was to use the tripod compass for guidance. We were taught how to slide the camera on and off the tripod. For instance when taking the camera of the tripod, we have to press the red buttons inwards then we need to ensure that the leaver is pulled away, this then should allow us to slide the camera out eventually while holding the camera on the top tightly. The other thing was to always ensure that the camera was on securely on the tripod considering the fact that it could fall of. Last of all was to always ensure when using the tripod that all the legs are all positioned correctly and also is stabled to especially   before placing the camera on it.

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