Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Introduction to editing: skilss

The first time we used an editing program was after we finished filming our "thrilling read". After we finished filming we then had to put it on an editing software so that we could edit the clips and join them together in order to form a productive sequence. For this process to take place we had to use "Final Cut Pro". "Final Cut Pro" is an editing software where you can be allowed to edit. "Final cut pro" happens consist of four crucial windows which tend to be Browser, timeline, canvas and also viewer.

* Browser - The browser is the sector where you place the video clips which you filmed. It also happens to give a more easier access and not only that but also arranges them into folders which are named as the bins.
* Timeline - The timeline is a sector where the clips can be edited together and such; for instance you can adjust the sizes of the clips and not only that but also crop the clips as well.
* Canvas - The canvas happens to be where the video footage appears it self after you have placed it on the timeline.
* Viewer - The viewer happens to display and also view tabs of all the selected clips audio channels. Not only that but also the volume key can be key framed and also the audios waveform can be scrubbed and viewed too.

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