Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Livetype: SKILLS

Livetype is a program which allows you to create animated titles for your video projects. There are many different font styles and effects to fit your purpose. Other features of the program include textures, objects, backgrounds, templates and others.

Livetype presents you with four main windows:
  1. The Timeline
  2. The Canvas
  3. The Media Browser
  4. The Inspector
The timeline is where you add text, objects and other graphics. The canvas is where the text, objects and other graphics appear after you have placed them on the timeline. They get placed onto a background that is transparent, enabling you to add your own video or animated background behind it. The media browser is where you get started. It contains fully animated typefaces called LiveFonts, a special category of visuals called Objects, and motion backgrounds called Textures. The inspector is used to create changes to your text through the five tabs. Such changes include; text properties like size, tracking and alignment, style properties like shadows, glow and outlines, attribute properties like changing the track's opacity, colour and rotation, timing properties where you adjust the timing, and effect properties where you can change the effect of text.

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