Thursday, 17 February 2011

Plan for a thrilling Read

On the 14/1/11 our group was given a specific task which was to make a sequence involving a newspaper. After we filmed our sequence we then had to edit it as well in order to get a good productive sequence. Before we began to start filming we first planned the story. We were told to use 12 various shots in our thrilling read sequence.

Our overall story was about a stalker women who wanted to get revenge on a girl, we can see this from the last ending clip when the stalker puts her hand on the victims shoulders. When we was planning we planned that Stav would be the stalking women and Farhen would be the victim girl.

When the filming was over and finished, we then headed to the editing suit to edit all the clips and footages which we took in order to produce the whole sequence. For us to achieve that we had to use the macs and the editing program "Final Cut Pro". 

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