Thursday, 17 February 2011

Response to "watching" Documentry: RESEARCH

From watching the documentary Thomas sutcliffe elaborated on an aspect about film openings need to seduce the audience into long term commitment. What Thomas Sutcliffe meant by that term is that when creating an opening you muse ensure that it gets the audiences attention. Danny Boyle also says the fact that it must also show enough ambition and potential at the start engage the audience in order to keep watching the movie. However other directors have other views about how the opening scene should be for instance some believe that the opening scene should not be such dramatic and should be more patient, for instance one director who suggests this is Jean Jacques. He believes that when the audiences are watching they should experience an organic building of the story and excitement as well, which then reaches to a climax. In the documentary what Jean explains is that the risk of immediate attention is that  you would have to put more effort throughout the film in order to keep the same excitement throughout the whole film and sometimes this would be hard to achieve as well.

The beginning shot intends to be extremely hard, based on the fact that its the part where you have to make sure the audience do not know everything however there still has to be a part where the audience engagement is still there to carry on watching the film. They have to make the audience to get the feeling where they want to still carry on watching on and want to know more.

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