Tuesday, 15 February 2011


In todays lesson we had a session on LiveType which happens to be a software program which was developed and produced by apple. LiveType is a software which produces animated title sequences for video projects and such. It tends to include many aspects such as fonts, templates, effects, textures and other aspects. We learnt in that session that it could import and forms of standard media files and also which can create text tracks. In this software program the text can be edited, which therefore means that the title can be shaped in any layout you want for instance either curved and such. Not only that but other aspects can be changed and adjusted too for instance a title or character can be key framed for instance the changes can be the size, outline, shadow, drop and also the tracking of the text too.
Live fonts happens to be one of the most crucial key features on this program. These are not ordinary fonts but are fonts with animated features. There are many types of LiveFonts shipped with LiveType for instance:
- Smoke writing
- Animated handwriting
- Blinking led character and many more.
Not only that but its also possible to produce custom LiveFonts however generating a separate movie file for each letter makes the file sizes very significant.
Theres also many effects as well. Either in liveFonts or normal system fonts many forms of animation effects can be applied to type. Also new effects can be scratched to by using keyframing and also timing of the effects can be adjusted too. There is many types of animation effect which can be applied for instance zoom, fades, glow and many more. There is more to it rather than based in texts considering the fact that there is a wide range of animated objects and also textures which can be added to a sequence as well. Also there happens to be a significant number of templates included as well e.g title themes and templates and such.

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