Thursday, 17 February 2011

Skills: Sound

In todays session a specialist technitian came to our lesson and gave us a good introlduction and knowledge on how to use the sound track pro. Sound track pro happens to be a music composing and an Audio editing application software. This application was created by Apple too. It has many types of sound effects and proffessional instrument loops too. We were told that there was more than 5000. We were taught two types of modes which was multitrack mode and also Audio editing mode as well.

Multitrack mode happends to be where the sound effects and also the instrument loops can be arranged to get transmitted with the video tracks and also where other external audio sources can be recorded. As with all the apples loop arranging software, it happens to be that the project masters key and aslo temp can also be set, this would lead to that all the loops will be automatically played at those specific settings. As well as that it is also known that at the same time the key and tempo can be changed and adjusted over the time with the master envelope. The other mode is the Audio editing mode. In this mode the "audio editing" individual each clip can be edited. In this mode the audio can be well analysed for a normal audio problem for instance pops and clicks, clipped signals and also powerline hum, as well as other problems which occur can be sorted out as well. Not only that but also Audios can be faded in and out, noises can aslo be cut out so basically removed away, for a specific selection the amplitude can be changed and also waveform and ambient can be inserted.

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