Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thriller Audience: Research

In 2009, data's show that there were 31 suspense filmed which was released, and overall approximately 503 in total was released in that year. Considering that action, animation and comedy genres have a wider age range and also the fact that family appeal to it as well, they were in account of 52% of box office in the UK. 

As we can see that thriller movies intend to account for a low proportion of box office. The reason why i believe this could be is because of the fact that not many thriller movies are being released in the UK based on the data's it is shown to us that only 4% in the year of 2009. For instance one thriller movie which was not released in the cinemas but was released straight from DVDs was called the "God father" for a start. The age range of all the thriller movies which have already been released start from the certificate age range 15 to 18+, which therefore indicates there is a specific aged people to watch the thriller movies this therefore supports the fact why thriller genre is not as accounted in the UK.

 Reflecting to this table we can examine that suspense is preferred and more watched by females rather than males. The table also indicates that male watch more Sci Fi as well. The genre which is commonly watched for both gender is "comedy" which therefore means that comedy films make more hit as they are preferred and watched mostly by both sex. 

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