Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thriller Opening - The Butterfly Effect

The thriller opening of The Butterfly Effect is very interesting. It is conventional for most thrillers to begin slowly in order to build suspense, whereas in The Butterfly Effect, it begins fast paced with action. As it begins with action, it makes the audience wonder what is going on, and why? This builds suspense, along with the fast paced, ominous music which adds to the idea of him being chased.

It then breaks convention, as the title sequences fades out into a sunny day, which is how we plan to do our thriller opening. We will intertextualize with The Butterfly Effects' idea of fading out from a fast paced scene to a sunny day. As it fading into the sunny day, it shows the title which bridges together the image of the x-ray skull with a butterfly with it and the image of the sunny day, this is how we plan to do our title.

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