Saturday, 12 February 2011

Thriller Opening Pitch Review (with storyboard)

On 11/2/11, my group and I pitched our thriller opening idea to our teachers and class using a PowerPoint presentation. We gave them a brief outline of our film and talked briefly about our props, costumes, sound, sub-genre, production company and target audience.

Once we had finished our pitch, our teachers and people in our class asked us questions and gave us ideas on how to improve it. As we did our presentation I realised we needed to put more planning into our thriller opening as some ideas, such as the CCTV idea, will be difficult to manage. 

We will be filming sometime during the half term in Stavroulla's aunts garage, but before we do this we definitely have to do more planning. This way we will finish filming sooner as we will know exactly what we are doing and how we are going to do it.

I think our pitch went well as our teachers liked the idea, even though they suggested we put more thought into the idea and plan better. After presenting our pitch I feel more confident in our idea and am relieved that they didn't say that we have to come up with a new idea. Once we have planned more, the next thing left to do will be filming...


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