Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Using 'Soundtrack Pro' for Prelim

Once we had used Final Cut Pro to edit our prelim, we put the prelim onto Soundtrack Pro to make the soundtrack for it. It was simple to use as it has a good user interface and it is not too complicated.

Our aim for the soundtrack was for it to be discordant and foreboding. We used a sound clip called 'Texture and Ambience 11' throughout the whole prelim because we believed that it would create suspense. We also used 'Designer Synth 07', 'Ambient Noise Effect 13' and 'Drone Angelic Mystery' which all joined together to develop a discordant and foreboding soundtrack which was what we aimed for.

By using Soundtrack Pro, I believe I am more prepared for establishing a soundtrack for our thriller opening as I have become more accustomed to the interface and the sounds provided.

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