Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rough Cut Analysis

We've finished our rough cut of our thiller opening, Provocation. We received some good feedback from our teachers and they told us what modifications we should make in order to improve it, such as adding more sound effects, decreasing the speed of the titles, changing the font of the titles to something that looks more professional and suitable for the opening, and adding a soundtrack. But other than that, they seemed to really like the thriller opening.

Our opening has elements of intertexuality with the film 'Captivity'. Our mise en scene portrayed our idea very well; the setting being a garage, candid photos of Francesca on the wall, blood (red food colouring) and strands of Francesca's hair (hair extensions) on her hand. We have a wide variety of shots, such as birds eye view, extreme close up, high angle shot, over the shoulder shot, etc. I think the lighting is just right, dark but not too dark which is an element of scary, which is what we aimed for.

I really like our opening considering the fact that two members of our group dropped out and were not involved in the post-production. I think the soundtrack will be the hardest thing to do as it is one of the most significant elements of a thriller opening since it sets the tone of the film and prepares the audience for the suspense that is to come, it also brings the whole opening together. Hopefully the audience will get the foreboding tone will reflect on the audience, creating a suspenseful atmosphere.

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