Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION- QUESTION 6: Audience Feedback

The first Wordle displays the positive feedback from our class. I am pleased that there are more positive comments rather than negative. We wanted to produce an "Ominous" atmosphere which was mentioned in one of the comments. They seemed to like the CCTV footage as it was believable and fitted within the sequence well. Also, they like the range of camera shots as it built tension successfully. 

This Wordle presents the negative feedback. I was surprised with a few of the comments from the negative feedback. For example, the word "rushed" is something I wouldnt use to describe the titles of our our sequence as we sent a large amount of time on them. However, I can understand the "dark" use of "lighting" as we had problems with this from the beginning.

On the 5th April our film had a cinematic screening at 'Screen on the Green'. After veiwing everybody's thriller openings and seeing the amazing amount of diverse ideas throughout, we filmed a few members of the audience to give us thier thoughts on our opening. Most of them loved the use of CCTV and were not expecting the static at the end. It created the atmopshere we were looking for. Which was creepy, eerie and tension building.
Here are a few videos of feedback from the audience:

We also uploaded our Thriller onto Facebook for more feedback here are a few of many comments:

Here is a video of me discussing my reaction and opinions of the feedback given:

This feedback has helped me to realise that our sequence wasnt perfect. However, I'm pleased with the overall comments as people seemed to like the idea and said it was thrilling. Also, we achieved our aim of creating an eerie, tension building atmosphere as the audience seemed really captivated with our opening.

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