Sunday, 3 April 2011

EVALUATION- Question 6 - Audience feedback and comments

We recieved some feedback from our class. As they watched our thriller opening they wrote some comments on pieces of paper, leaving some positive and negative feedback.

Positive Feedback

Our main aim was for there to be an ominous atmosphere, and one of the good feedback that we got was the ominous atmosphere, so thankfully we achieved this aim. Most people mentioned the CCTV frame and said that is was very effective. They also mentioned the variety of camera shots which was good since we took a lot of consideration into the camera shots. 

Negative Feedback

We had some trouble with the lighting in the beginning, so it wasn't very surprising to hear that some people thought the lighting should have been brighter. It was, however, surprising to hear that some people felt the titles were a bit rushed and unorganised as we spent the majority of our time on them. Some people also felt that the music was a bit plain.

I also used Facebook as a method of distribution and a way to get more audience feedback. So far it has 17 "likes" and the comments are mainly positive and most of them mentioned the CCTV frame that we used. 4 people said that they wanted to see more which is very good as the opening to a film should always be gripping in order to make you want to continue watching.                                                       

The feedback I received is all by 15 to 18 year olds, it is a small portion of our target audience age range but it shows that 15 to 18 year olds really do enjoy the thriller genre, and will therefore enjoy 'Provocation'. 


Our film had a cinematic screening along with other films today at 'The Screen on the Green'. We saw peoples reactions and it was how we had intended for it to be. There was a suspenseful atmosphere and from the feedback we got at the end of the screenings, people seemed to enjoy it. All of them mentioned the CCTV frame and said that it was really good as it made it look like she (Francesca) was being watched.

Here are a few videos of audience feedback, having watched our thriller opening at the cinematic screening:

Me talking about the audience feedback we received..

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