Sunday, 20 March 2011

Inspiration for Soundtrack

The most difficult part of creating our thriller video in my opinion is the soundtrack as we have decided to make it from scratch using Soundtrack Pro. However, Eda and I have decided on the tone and atmosphere we would like to create which is, a tension building ambience for the audience. Yet, we are not sure which instruments and sound effects that we could use to portray this. Therefore, we have each decided to extra research into the different types of sound we could use within our opening.

I've noticed that most Thrillers have used a piano based soundtrack or have used a tingly effect in the background to build tension in the beginning. I particularly liked the soundtrack for 'What Lies Beneath' at the opening sequence because it grows and gradually begins to anticipate. I definatley think that this has given me some inspiration as to what sounds to use on our own thriller opening.

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