Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pitch Review: With Storyboard

On the 11/2/11 we prepared a pitch for our class and teachers to display our ideas of how we want to construct our opening and what it would be about. We presented it on Powerpoint to clearly show our thoughts of how we want our thriller opening to be. We mentioned breifly an outline of the film, props we are going to use, costume and target audience.

When we had finished our presentation we asked the class for some feedback and some questions were asked. This made me realise that certain ambitions within our plan had to be altered. For example, the matrress idea would be hard to achieve as we wouldnt be able to get one in time for shooting or be able to moblise it to our location. Therefore, we have to create an alternative option for our setting.

We have decided to film in the first few days of half term in my Aunts garage as its empty, grungy looking and means we will have as much time as we want on those days to film our shots. I think that in doing this pitch, it has made me realise we need to do more planning in order for us to productively work effieciently and smoothly on the days that begin filming. This way we can get it done quickly and then focus on editing the whole scene when we get back to college.


After presenting I feel much more confident about our idea. I think that our pitch went quite well as the teachers liked the idea but gave us some good critisims to help us make as much of an effective opening as possible. 

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