Tuesday, 1 March 2011

RESEARCH: Opening of "Dexter" compared to "The Stepfather"

"Dexter" is the perfect example of how to produce a psychological thriller opening. I love the use of extreme close up's on certain parts of his body, utensils, food and everything in shot. This shows us that he has a different veiw of the world than others; which instatly gives us the hint of his perculier way of thinking. As within the opening of 'The Step Father' there is a close up of him shaving his skin and cutting himself which creates an unsettling tone for the audience and builds tension. Similarly, they both establish thier morning routines in weird and creepy ways to intrigue the audience which instantly draws us in. The music used in "Dexter" is both digetic and non digetic to create an uneasy atmosphere for the audience. For example, there are many digetic sounds of the pan cooking food and the clanging of the utensils. Then there are also non-digetic sounds including the tingling music in the background which almost sounds like clockwork to signify a daily routine in Dexter's life. The discomforting sounds match the ECU's on screen and help to construst his warped view of the world excellently to the aduience. As does "The Stepfather", which allurs the audience and makes us feel in a daze as if we are really submerged into thier distorted perspective. The constant use of ECU's throughout this sequence inspired me to think about how to develop our scene further by using ECU's to build tension within our 2 min sequence.

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