Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thriller Opening Preperation

On the 15/02/11 and 18/02/11 our group began to prepare our setting and costumes/makeup ideas for the filming of our opening the following week. We spent the lessons taking candid photos and printing them of Francesca to put up on one of the walls in the room as it will be the first thing that she sees. We took plenty to make it look as if a stalker had been following her throughout our movie. Eda and I appeared in the shots to make them look as if she was doing everyday things with friends around her to make it more beliveble. She will rip the collage of photos off of the wall in the end of our clip therefore we needed as many as possible. We also decided that Frankie would wear plain clothing as it would help her get into character and minimal makeup to show her distress and worried look to the audience.

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