Friday, 1 April 2011

EVALUATION: Question 1 - In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Both begin with the most important titles over a black screen, such as the producers/production company. This is how most films start, so we have used forms and conventions of other films in our one.

They are both sleeping and wake up to find that they are lying in an unfamiliar place. By using a pillow and a bed cover we have challenged the forms and conventions of other thriller films, as in the shot from 'Cube', the man is lying on the floor with no pillow or bed cover.

Extreme close up on both characters faces as they attempt to regain full conciousness expresses their vulnerability due to the situation that they are in. This shows that we have used forms and conventions of other films in ours.  

Both shots show the character as they regain conciousness and realize the situation they are in. The settings of both openings are grubby and dark, creating a gloomy atmosphere, which is generally a convention of most thriller films.

Bloody hands add to the ominious and gloomy atmosphere, creating a sense of terror in the audience. Blood is a convention that is used in almost every thriller film.

They both stand up to try and understand how and why they ended up there. Shot types are different, she is shown in a mid shot and he is shown in a low angle long shot, perhaps suggesting that he has a more dominant role in 'Cube' than she does in our film. The only mise en scene in the shot of our film in the plain setting (garage) which keeps the attention on her at all times, it is however the complete opposite for 'Cube', the extravagant setting keeps the audiences attention on the setting. I think 'Cube' has challenged the forms and conventions of most other thriller films by using an extravagant setting.

She is shown in a mid shot and he is shown in a close up. By the expressions on their faces something seems to have caught their attention. This is a convention that is generally used in most thriller films; showing the character reaction to something significant, then revealing what that "something" is.

In this shot it shows what caught their attention. They both touch it and try to come to terms with why it is there. They are different shot types as the one from our thriller opening is a blurry point of view shot, and the one from 'Cube' is a low angle mid shot. A blurry point of view shot is a convention that most thriller films use, as it allows the audience to see from the characters perspective.

In this shot they are both shown in a mid shot as they are looking around the room and trying to familiarise themselves with their unknown surroundings; a convention that creates suspense as the audience, along with the character, is introduced to the setting.

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