Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EVALUATION: Question 1- Comparison of 9 shots against 'Cube'

In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I chose to compare our thirller opening with the film 'Cube' as it is similiar to ours in ways but has a very different storyline.

They both start with titals over a blank screen, displaying the most important names from the very beginning. I think this is effective as the audience have no distractions with images behind the titles as it draws their attenion striaght to the text on screen. This demonstrates that our titles are quite conventional as most movies begin in this way.

 Here, they are both waking up in usual rooms, however, the man is spread on a floor and we have chosen to have Francessca lying on a pillow and sheets. This shows our use of challenging the form of a traditional movie opening as she has comfort rather than nothing at all.

Here, we have both used an extrem close up of the eye area. Yet, in our scene she covers her eyes to show her gradual awakening. Whereas, in 'Cube'  the eye is instantly staring down the camera veiw which is much more menacing than our gradual awakening. This displays our similarities to other movies, conventionally.

They are both discovering their new surroundings here. They each are shot at differnt angles suggesting various things for their characters within the movie. For example, he is shot at a low angle to imply that he has a much more dominant role in th movie than Francessca does in ours. However, the Mise En Scene here is completly diverse from ur which is simplistic and plain so that the audience can keep their focus on Francessca at all times. Whereas, the 'Cube' have quite an extravegant setting which deters our attention away from the main character. Which aslso leaves the audience wondering more about what will happen next in the movive as it keeps us guessing.

In this shot they are both looking around the room. They are both shot at different angles as she is caught in mid shot but he is in a close up. The expression on both their faces display a sense of mystery as they both show that 'something' has caught thier eye. However, as all conventional thriller movies do, that something is not revealed until last minute.

Here we see  what they are looking at. Similarly, they both touch the photos on the wall to see if its real as they are in shock and still dazed from waking up somewhere unusual. However, they are in differnt shot types, as we have her hand blurred to show her vision being impared. Yet, his is caught in a long angle mid shot which restricts the audiences veiw a little. But with our shot we tried to show the shot from our characters point of veiw.

  In the last shot, they are both displayed in mid shot to allow the audience to familiarise with the setting as well as the characters do. Which is a convention used in most thrillers as it builds tension fro the audience.

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