Wednesday, 30 March 2011

EVALUATION: Question 2- Media representation of social groups

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our opening sequence has many similiarities with the movie 'Captivity' starring Elisha Cuthburt as they both involve a girl waking up in the middle or a room not knowing where she is. For example, we dressed Francessca in simliar clothing to Elisha which is simplistic but highlights her vulnerability, as she has just woken and we dont know if she was in those clothes the whole time. Also, the two girls look alike, as they both are blond and attractive which could suggest that they will draw in the male audience of the movie. Furthermore, the mise en scene is very alike as is the lighting and contrast which instantly sets the tone of the movie for the audience. Also, the surroundings are similar as they both are waking up in a grotty, damp, looking room which conveys a sense of mystery as to how they got there.

The social group that we are aiming at within our movie is teenagers 15+. I think it would appeal to both females and males but more so males as they prefer thrillers to women. I chose this movie to compare still image shots against our own because clearly it has many similarites that relate to our opening and they both are aiming for the same social group.

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