Sunday, 3 April 2011

EVALUATION: Questions 4 and 5

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/adress you audience?

Through researching many other student films on Youtube, I have come accross some really amazing low budget pieces produced by students. Some have won many awards through Film Festivals, but this could only have been achieved through proper distribution of the movie. For example our movie, 'Provocation',  is going to be distributed through booking a local cinemaand on the 5th April all our media groups will be going to see them in on the big screen.

Screen on the Green is where we invited our friends and others to come and see our movie. We got some really useful feedback afterwards.

Our Thriller opening is a low budget student movie and so we have decided on trying  to distribute it to a large audience. Therefore, we have put it up on Vimeo via YouTube. Our video is being produced by an independent, low budget production called Candi Studios and will aim to get around 200 copies on DVD release.


Also, we are uploded a link to our wall on Facebook to get more feedback from others. These are just a few ideas of how we are distributing our opening sequence through the use of the Internet and its many options.

 We got some amazing feedback froom our friends and overall it was the majority of people we had aimed it at for our target audience.The feedback was quite positive, it seemed as though people really were intrigued and wanted to see more. Which was the aim of our thiriller opening overall. I am quite happy with the comments as the I feel we have achieved our aim in creating an gloomy, dark, tension building atomosphere.

Through distributing our media product this way we will hopoefully get more publicity through our friends telling others. Facebook is just one of the many social networking sites that can be used to help distribute our movie.

Below is a student movie called 'Memories' that recieved 40,639 veiws on YouTube and won an award for it's production. I loved the use of camera shots, such as, close ups whilst he was reminising on old memories of his life. I also like the lighting and use of overlapping images to convey his memeories as it looked quite professiinal for a student film. It all linked and worked really well. I can see why it got so many veiws and won an award.


Here are a few of the comments posted on youtube about the movie. It seems that people really liked it any found it intriguing. Alot of people seemed to enquire about the camera and setting which shows that it has inspired others to get creative.

We wanted to find other ways of distributing our product on the internet. So we thought of YoutTube as it is one of the main sites that people use nearly everyday and would be an easy tool to get the distribution of media product flowing.

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